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Headquartered in Guangzhou, CHINA, Delos Lighting established our lighting business and set up our own factory in Foshan in 2005. During these years, we've been committed to the comprehensive outdoor LED lighting solutions for our esteemed partners of governments, business institutes, and wholesale distributors. A lot of local and global resources, stable productivity, and reliable expertise have become our competitive edge in the industry. 

Proudly speaking, we are an advanced group company that is well recognized for our R&D and new technology capabilities of commercial exterior LED lighting. The local Guangdong Provincial Government has awarded us a high-tech enterprise certificate. And we've got new patent approval every year. Besides, we Delos Lighting maintains close and exclusive cooperation with the governments of China, Thailand, India and Spain and more...

Delos has his own fatory in Foshan city, Guangdong province, CHINA.

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2019 Hong Kong International Outdoor and Tech Light Expo

2019 Hong Kong International Outdoor and Tech Light Expo.
2019 Hong Kong International Outdoor and Tech Light Expo MORE
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